The University of Newcastle, Australia

Speech Pathology

Clinical placement(s) aims for students to meet the eligibility requirements for Speech Pathology Australia, the professional association for speech pathologists in Australia.

Specific student objectives include:

  • Gaining a range of experience with regard to:

    • Settings (e.g. community, educational, medical)
    • Caseloads (e.g. adult, adolescent, child)
    • Populations (e.g. disorders of language, speech, voice, fluency, swallowing)
    • Models of intervention (e.g. direct individual or group therapy, carer training, consultancy)
  • Developing problem-solving skills through the application of theoretical knowledge to actual cases, feedback and reflection.
  • Developing self-evaluation skills through the establishment of individual learning goals and critical evaluation of personal clinical performance.
  • Experiencing different models of clinical education (e.g. one-to-one, group, peer).
  • Developing professional socialisation, i.e. clinical management, ethical behaviour.
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