Step 4: Anaphylaxis Training

The NSW Department of Education requires all students successfully complete the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy ASCIA Anaphylaxis: Australasian Schools e-training and obtain the automated completion Certificate prior to attending any school/centre professional experience placement, school visit, observation or Teach Outreach volunteer activity.

The Anaphylaxis e-training - Certification of Completion has a currency of 2 years.

Students should refer to the Education Placement Requirements instruction sheet for step by step instructions on how to:

  • Access and complete the online ASCIA Anaphylaxis Australasian Schools e-training module to obtain the automated Certificate. NOTE: The Certificate does not need to be signed and students do not need any practical training yet.
  • Record the Anaphylaxis e-training - Certificate of Completion issue date and upload the Certificate as a PDF to their SONIA placement system Checks page.

Students must take their Anaphylaxis e-training - Certificate of Completion with them to any professional experience placement, school visit, observation or Teach Outreach volunteer activity.