The University of Newcastle, Australia

High Conflict in Law: An Introduction

27 May 2020 from 12:00am - 17 Jun 2020 until 12:00am

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Location: Free online short course | Duration: 3 weeks | Effort: 1-2 hours per week | Cost: FREE - Certificate for US$49 | Subject: Law | Level: Introductory

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Are you familiar with ‘high-conflict’ behaviours? What are they, and how can you effectively work with high-conflict people?

Learn about high-conflict behaviours through this introductory course co-developed by the world-leading experts, Bill Eddy and Megan Hunter, co-founders of the High Conflict Institute in the U.S, and Tania Sourdin, Head of School and Dean at Newcastle Law School in Australia.

About this course

In this course, we will explore high-conflict behaviours and provide you with some strategies and skills for handling them in legal disputes and business settings. Guided by real-world examples, you will gain an understanding of the causes and impacts of high-conflict behaviour, and learn effective responses in high-conflict situations.

This course is aimed at anyone who may encounter high-conflict behaviours in a wide range of situations, particularly in a business or legal setting, including:

  • Lawyers or students studying law
  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • HR professionals
  • Administrators
  • Health and medical practitioners.

What you'll learn

  • Categorise common high-conflict behaviours.
  • Describe common high-conflict behaviours.
  • Outline causes and impacts of high-conflict behaviours.
  • Explain how an individual could effectively respond to a high-conflict situation.
  • Develop responses to deal with high-conflict situations.

Course Syllabus

  • Week 1: Introducing High-Conflict Behaviours
  • Week 2: Causes and Impacts of High-Conflict Behaviours
  • Week 3: Cycle of High-Conflict

Course Instructors

Professor Tania Sourdin

Bill Eddy

Megan Hunter

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