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Engineering is the magic that happens when imagination meets science…it’s the inventive mindset that finds creative solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

Want to be part of the solution? Get involved with our live event, Save the World in 60 Minuteswhere you’ll hear from our researchers about emerging renewable energy solutions, brainstorm ways to tackle climate change, and compete for the title of Sustainability Superhero.

Join us online for the University of Newcastle’s the Art of Problem Solving exhibition, showcasing some of our most exciting  engineering and computing innovations - like a soft robot manta ray for coral reef research, a mind-controlled prosthetic hand, a contender for the world’s fastest boat, a healthcare respirator and a scaffold for the human spine.

Prizes to be won!

Save the World in 60 Minutes – Live Event

  • Date: Wednesday 9 December
  • Time: 5.30-6.30pm AEDT
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    The Art of Problem Solving – Online Exhibition

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