FEDUA End of Year Research Seminar Series: ERA Myth Busting

1 Dec 2020 at 1:00pm

Facts ahead

All FEDUA researchers from all Schools and HDR students are invited to join in our end of year online research seminar series.

Sessions will be introduced by Professor Catharine Coleborne, Head of the School of Humanities and Social Science.

Presented by Professor Duncan McDuie-Ra

Tuesday 1 December at 1pm-2.30pm

Join this online seminar via Zoom: https://uonewcastle.zoom.us/j/81413350102

This online seminar will:

  • Detail common myths about the ERA process
  • Discuss the connection between publication decision-making and ERA
  • Suggest ways researchers can support colleagues involved in the ERA process
  • Outline recent changes to research codes (FoR codes) for the next round.

Duncan will discuss the ERA process—an increasingly important element in research visibility and resourcing—due to take place in 2022 (scores released in 2023). ERA is often a mysterious process for researchers and is subject to several myths during and following the process. Using these myths as a starting point, Duncan will focus on ways researchers can affect the outcome in their disciplines before the next deadline and also discuss implications of changes to FoR codes and the current review of ERA.

For academic staff of all levels.

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