Doctoral education, assessment & learning colloquium

Tuesday, 26 November 2019, 09:45 am — Wednesday, 27 November 2019, 04:30 pm

Location: Rooms X101, X202, X205 New Space, Newcastle

This event to be held at New Space 26 - 27 November, organised by the Centre for the Study of Research Training & Innovation, presents an opportunity to discuss doctoral education, higher order learning, and its impacts informed by the research and insights of leading scholars in the field. The colloquium sessions will be of interest to those interested in educating and developing researchers and building capacity for research in university and in all walks of professional life. Attend one session or the whole colloquium. Attendance is free but please register to book your seat. View the event program (PDF 1.3MB).


Theme 1: Science doctorates

Keynote address - Professor David Feldon. 'The butler didn’t do it: Looking beyond the usual suspects in understanding doctoral success.' Register here.

Featured research - Associate Professor Mitch O'Toole. 'The conceptual component of research dissertation examination: Towards a synthesis of patterns of Post-Formal Thinking.'

Theme 2: Beyond the degree 

Key note address - Professor Lynn McAlpine - 'Could the PhD play a role in addressing global challenges? If so, how might we do it?' Register here.

Theme 3: Emotion

Panel presentation - Dr Jill Scevak and Dr Kath Grushka - 'The doctoral brain: recent theories theories on emotion and their implications for managing doctoral learning'. Register here.

Theme 4: Individual differences

Keynote address - Associate Professor Kylie Shaw - 'Supporting doctoral student learning: An exploration of key factors underpinning the development of excellent researchers'. Register here.

Theme 5: Entrepreneurial capacity

Featured research - Simon Watts. 'What can be learned from elite policy entrepreneurs: Creating innovation in the 21st century.' Register here.

Theme 6: Examination feedback

Key note address - Dr Kerry Dally - 'Who makes the decisions about thesis revisions?' Register here.