The University of Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle Law School Dispute Resolution WALKshop

6 Dec 2019 from 5:15pm - 6:30pm

Image of people walking

Falling off the DR Cliffs? To what extent are impartiality and self-determination still key values of mediation? Dispute resolution practitioners new and old will discuss these significant topics while walking along the stunning Newcastle coast-line. This is part of a series of DR Walkshops Laurence Boulle has conducted around the country – the most recent was at the National Mediation Conference in Canberra. In the walkshops the natural environment is used as a metaphor for weighty discussions and irreverent witticisms and connections are made with the locality’s social and political history. These are informal and flexible workshops where both the dutiful discourse and ambulatory action can change direction at the wishes of the group. The key idea is to connect with the sights, sounds and scents of nature while conversing with professional companions as we engage in two kinds of journeys. We will, however, attempt to grapple with the two topics mentioned above, in both their theoretical and practical dimensions, and afterwards enjoy some refreshment.

Pre-reading: Strictly optional, to be provided to registrants a week before walkshop


  • Swell Kiosk at bar Beach, end point to be Merewether Surfhouse