Northumberland House / Watt Space Gallery

Northumberland House is not only a strategic asset for the universities long-term vision of our city campus, it has significant historical importance to the city of Newcastle.

The scope of the refurbishment was not only to provide a new purpose built gallery space for the Watt Space Gallery, but to ensure the life of the building for the future generations to enjoy .

Scope of refurbishment works included:

  • Restoration of the fa├žade including repairing & replacing damaged windows, replacing damaged brickwork and mortar, patching damaged faience (fay-on-ce) tiles
  • Removal of large paperbark trees which had roots which were damaging the building structure, clogging up downpipes & storm water with leaves and roots
  • Replacement of rooftop waterproofing to prevent water damage internally
  • Clearing out clogged drainpipes and replacing damaged storm-water
  • Replacement of damaged terracotta faience tile around bottom of building
    New accessible front entry ramp replacing ramp in alleyway
  • Installation of new mechanical air conditioning
  • Installation of compliant fire detection and emergency light
  • Refurbishment of upper floor (paint, carpet)
  • Refurbishment of ground floor for Watt Space Gallery
  • Installation of a kitchen for functions and student amenity
  • Installation of CCTV in building
  • Refurbishment of rear courtyard and alteration of garage space to allow use
  • New landscaping

Check out the photos of the refurbished spaces and the official opening of the Watt Space Gallery