A UON diploma in languages opens many, many doors. You can learn a language as a stand-alone enrolment, or gain a diploma with your main bachelor degree.

Diploma in Languages

Why study with us?

Study Languages at the University of Newcastle

When you study the Diploma in Languages at the University of Newcastle (UON), you will gain proficiency in a Language Other Than English (LOTE), or acquire skills in a range of languages other than English.

Our Diploma in Languages graduates enjoy diverse career opportunities, with their added qualification and language skills opening doors in Australia and around the world.

Open to Current and Future Students

The Diploma in Languages is available to both current UON students, as well as to prospective new students. If you say yes to any of the below, then this is a great option for you:

  • You'd like to learn a language alongside your main bachelor degree program.
  • You'd like to learn a language alongside your main postgraduate program.
  • You are not an enrolled UON student, but are interested in studying Diploma in Languages on its own, or alongside either a bachelor degree or a postgraduate program.


Add only one extra year onto your undergraduate study and graduate with two qualifications - a bachelor degree and a diploma. You also have the option to complete your language studies sooner by taking on an additional course each semester (50 units rather than 40 units). 

The Diploma in Languages is offered with flexible study options, catering to various pathways and situations.

For more information, view the Diploma in Languages admissions page. PATHWAYS, ENTRY AND ADMISSIONS

Why Study Languages? Unlock Unique Opportunities

A Diploma in Languages opens many, many doors, with graduates enjoying personal growth, travel and diverse careers. 

In today's increasingly competitive and multicultural job market, UON Diploma in Languages graduates enjoy unique opportunities, advantages and broader career options. Language study enhances travel opportunities and is an unrivalled way to gain cross-cultural understanding.

Our graduates often cite great personal satisfaction as one of the many rewards gained from studying languages. Your language studies will give you a deeper appreciation of cultural differences, opening your mind and future to exciting opportunities in Australia and within non-English speaking communities.

If you desire a career that involves travel, overseas postings, teaching, and interaction with foreign-language clients and markets, then the Diploma of Languages will prove invaluable.

What you will study