The University of Newcastle, Australia

Japanese Honours

After completion of your Japanese language studies, you may qualify* for Japanese Honours.

The Japanese Honours program provides you with credentials testifying to your ability to engage in high-quality independent study using Japanese. It is also often also a prerequisite for postgraduate study, a job in the federal government, or for becoming a Coordinator of International Relations (CIR) in Japan.

What you will study

Japanese calligraphyThe Japanese Honours program offers you the opportunity to undertake advanced study in Japanese that involves research in the fields of language, society, and culture, using Japanese language source materials.

The program seeks to continue your language development and foster the academic skills specific to each student's area of interest. It is made up of course work plus the writing of a 15,000 word thesis in English that is based on close reading of a substantial amount of appropriate Japanese language sources.

Related information

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For more information about the program structure, please refer to the Bachelor of Arts handbook.

For more information about the program structure, please refer to the Diploma in Languages handbook.

*Students who meet certain conditions and requirements in their undergraduate program may be eligible to study Honours subject to availability.