The University of Newcastle, Australia

French Honours

The French Honours program is designed to enhance your language skills, whilst also preparing you for postgraduate research in French Studies.

The four components of Honours are structured accordingly:

  • FREN4150 - This course is a methodology unit tailored to your academic interest.
  • FREN4160: Choose the specialist skills unit based on your interests.
    • FRENCH LITERARY STUDIES - You can choose from a range of Honours seminar series offered by staff from both the French and English disciplines;
    • LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - Those with an interest in language and translation are encouraged to undertake Linguistics.
  • FREN4170 (Honours thesis preparation) and FREN4180 (Thesis submission) - You can choose to write your coursework essays and thesis in French or English.

French Honours will ensure that you continue language development and foster the academic skills specific to your area of interest.

Joint Honours

If you are interested in undertaking Joint Honours (French and another discipline major), please contact the French Studies staff.

For more information about Honours in languages, get in touch with our Head of Language and Language Studies.

Learn from the best

French offers both undergraduate language study and postgraduate research. Staff are committed to excellence in teaching and research.

In 2007, the Carrick Institute awarded the French discipline at Newcastle a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. Outside the classroom, they publish widely on French and English literature and in the field of translation studies.

The discipline's international research partners include the French discipline at Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Both Alistair Rolls and Marie-Laure Vuaille-Barcan are members of NTU's research centre for the study of contemporary France, ReFrance. They are also prominent on the national stage as members of the Australian Society for French Studies.