A Diploma of Languages at the University of Newcastle can be achieved in one year of full-time study.

Diploma in Languages

What you will study

What you will studyThe Diploma of Languages offers courses that cover a range of language competency, including speaking, listening, reading and writing, in formal and informal contexts.

Courses are available in:

  • Auslan (Australian Sign Language)
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Latin

When you study languages at the University of Newcastle you may elect to focus on one language or multiple languages. To achieve functional fluency within one language it is recommended that you complete 80 units. Studying two languages, 40 units in each of two languages, will provide basic competence. Please note: 80 units are not available in all language areas.

The Diploma of Languages is offered part-time, taken over a minimum of two years and a maximum of six. Courses of study are structured for progressive attainment of competency. No knowledge of a language is assumed and courses begin at beginner's level. If you enrol in the program with some knowledge of a language, you can begin at a higher level as advised by lecturing staff.

Studying the Diploma of Language, in conjunction with a degree program, will add only one extra year onto your study and will allow you to graduate with two qualifications - a bachelor degree and a diploma.

You also have the option to complete your language studies sooner by taking on an additional course each semester (50 units rather than 40 units).

Almost all courses in the Diploma of Languages involve face-to-face learning and so students in the program must be prepared to attend classes at the Newcastle campus on a regular basis.For more information about the Diploma of Languages program, please refer to the handbook


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