The University of Newcastle, Australia

Speech Intelligibility Clinic

The Speech Intelligibility Clinic offers communication enhancement to individuals who are non-native speakers of English (NNSE).
Some NNSE find that others have difficulty understanding them in English because the sound system of their first language "interferes" with their English pronunciation.

Most languages are learnt through vocabulary and grammar with minimal focus on learning the sounds of a second language, how they are made and the difference between these sounds and those of your native language.

Why work on speech intelligibility?

We can provide you with awareness of the differences between your speech pattern and a native English speaker's speech pattern.

Our programs are aimed at assisting you to minimise breakdowns in communication as well as training you in conversation repair strategies for when breakdowns do occur.

What we offer

Our intervention programs are provided by qualified Speech Pathologists in conjunction with Speech Pathology students. We provide:

A free screening clinic to evaluate your intelligibility in conversation and determine your suitability for intervention,
Individual speech sounds programs for 1 hour per week up to a maximum of 12 weeks, and
Group programs focusing on rate of speech, body language, intonation and conversation skills.

A final assessment will be made during the last session.


The skills you acquire should:

  • Promote confidence when you are speaking in English
  • Increase your understanding and participation in academic activities
  • Allow listeners to concentrate more on your message than on your delivery
  • Improve your employment prospects

How to make an appointment

Appointments take place in The University of Newcastle's Speech Pathology Clinic, General Purpose Building, Callaghan Campus. Directions will be supplied on application


Speech Intelligibility Clinic
Social Science Building SR-G21
The University of Newcastle
Callaghan 2308

02 4921 7344
F 02 4921 7386

Reference: Alison Kimble-Fry, Perfect Pronunciation: A guide to trainers and self help students. Clear Speak Pty Ltd 2001.