Study social science at the University of Newcastle and explore the exciting complexities of the human race and the societies in which we exist.

Bachelor of Social Science

Why study with us?


The Bachelor of Social Science degree at the University of Newcastle (UON) is a highly flexible program that allows you to pursue areas of study that present the best challenges, the most interest and the greatest enjoyment while studying. 

Whatever your preferred career path (eco-tourism, event management, human services, human resources, global health to name a few), you will graduate from UON with work-ready skills and transferable attributes that are attractive to employers.

Ella in cafeWhen you study Social Science at the University of Newcastle, you will be studying the fascinating science of people. 

Enjoy the opportunity to analyse, challenge and gain insight into universally relevant theories about life cycle, gender, class, race, work, social justice and social organisation.

At UON, you will receive a broad education in humanities and social sciences, and you can choose from a vast array of courses and majors, from generalist subjects through to the highly vocational specialities.

What you will study