When you study social science at the University of Newcastle you will have the opportunity to link your study, work placement and career aspirations.

Bachelor of Social Science

Practical Experience

Practical ExperienceThe Bachelor of Social Science degree offers flexibility and choice and a combination of pure and applied research.

We work closely with the Newcastle Careers service so that you can review your career direction as you study your social science degree and link your ambitions with areas of study that inspire you.


As a third year student of the Bachelor of Social Science, you can choose to take part in a relevant work placement program. This is facilitated through the 10 unit course, SOCS3300 – Bachelor of Social Science Placement.

This course is  available to students in the third year of their program, and after completing 60 units of the SOCS core courses, including SOCS2300 - Social Science Ethics and either SOCS2400 - Social Science Research Methods or SOCS3200 - Social Science Research Project.

With supervision, you will locate and undertake an 80-hour work placement with organisations involved in social research, education or community service. This direct experience will expose students to the discourses and practices of researchers and managers and will require that students consider the many complex factors which influence research and policy. This hands-on course allows students to apply their knowledge in industry and engage directly with organisations that require social science input into their policy, planning and evaluation practice.

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