The University of Newcastle, Australia

Meet our achievers for the Bachelor of Social Science

A third of my subjects were electives and I was able to use these to learn Auslan (Australian sign language), something I had always wanted to do. I then used the remaining electives to boost the business side of my degree – taking courses in ethics and basic accounting in line with my career goals. The job I am doing now is the job of my dreams, and best of all, I am putting the skills I gained at university to use. I am working in the Workplace Change and Culture branch of the RTA – an area which I studied extensively both through my majors and my prescribed courses. I use the knowledge I gained through my degree every day and I would recommend a social science degree to anyone." - Danielle


Studying at university, I have been able to follow my passion of social justice. The academics at the University of Newcastle are very passionate about their areas of study and have made a great effort to encourage me throughout the program. They have helped me to believe that I can achieve anything."- Carly


Studying the Bachelor of Social Science degree has really expanded my critical thinking skills, particularly focusing on the various political and moral debates within contemporary society. After completing my degree, I hope to be accepted into the Graduate Program for the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs." - Ashleigh