The University of Newcastle, Australia

Water, Climate and Soils

If you’re passionate about finding new, sustainable ways to safeguard the future of our planet, the Water, Climate and Soils major is for you.

This course will encourage you to explore unique ways of looking at physical landscapes and the causes and impacts of earth and environmental processes. Develop a holistic perspective on subjects from spatial science to rivers and coasts, from landscape evolution to climate change and from contaminated land to sustainable use of natural resources.

Learn how to examine and analyse the different processes of our Earth through fieldwork and develop the tools and knowledge to deal with the environmental and climate related problems our industry and society face.

Water, Climate and Soils is a 120 unit major, specific courses can be found in the program handbook.

The Water, Climate and Soils major within the Bachelor of Science is only available at our Newcastle (Callaghan) campus.