Study a Bachelor of Science with a chemistry major at the University of Newcastle and pursue a diverse and exciting career in chemistry.

Bachelor of Science


Why study a chemistry major at the University of Newcastle?

The subject of Chemistry at the University of Newcastle is ranked in the top 350 in the world, according to the 2016 QS World subject rankings*. By studying a Bachelor of Science with a chemistry major at the University of Newcastle, you will be examining and building on the key concepts of basic atomic and molecular structure, fundamental inorganic chemistry and underlying physical concepts.

Almost everything you touch in the modern world will have a chemist's input at some stage. At its most basic, chemistry is the manipulation of atoms and molecules for real world applications and it plays a key role in virtually all sciences.

Chemists help solve problems affecting the world we live in and are involved with developing new drugs, new computing devices and better energy storage materials.

Our academics are active researchers and you may get the opportunity to work alongside them on research projects throughout your Bachelor of Science degree.

Careers in chemistry are stimulating and rewarding. As a graduate of the Bachelor of Science chemistry major, you could go on to work in a variety of sectors including:

  • Food industry
  • Health, education and environment
  • IT and finance
  • Law
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Research
  • Science communication and journalism

The chemistry major within the Bachelor of Science is only available at our Newcastle (Callaghan) campus.

*More information about QS is available at