The University of Newcastle, Australia

Most of the critical issues that face our society today require science to help find the right solutions for our current and future generations. Using the latest scientific developments and advancements, you'll learn first-hand from our actively involved researchers how to deliver innovative solutions for real-world problems. You'll also develop highly sought after and transferable skills in problem solving, communication and independent thinking.

You'll study core course that give you the edge in the following areas:

  • Professional scientific thinking – you will learn how science contributes new knowledge and finds solutions to challenges in our society. You will find out what it means to be a science professional through interactive and reflective processes.
  • Communicating as a professional scientist – during this course you will complete your practical scientific project and gain experience in communicating to a range of audiences. You’ll also gain practical job seeking experience to help to gain employment in the scientific field that interests you.
  • Lab and fieldwork skills – you will learn how to collect data to develop new findings through specialist scientific technical skills in the laboratory and in the field.
  • Career planning – discover the type of scientist you want to be! you’ll be guided to make career and study decisions that interest you by understanding ten different types of scientists and the skillsets they require in the workforce.
  • Problem solving and facing new challenges – you’ll gain further knowledge in a variety of areas within science along with integrative perspectives to develop solutions to complex scientific problems.
  • Professional employment skills –  you’ll develop the skills that employers are looking for in the workforce so that you can take advantage of the higher salaries typically available to those with science qualifications.
  • Project planning and implementation – during this course you will have the opportunity to take the role of a freelancing scientist working for a client to solve a complex but practical scientific project.