The University of Newcastle, Australia

Health Sociology and Anthropology

Health Sociology and Anthropology is the most diverse major as it explores insights into how society works and the social context in which we live, work and play. These two disciplines study human societies and cultures in their diversity and seek to understand social change.

If you’re interested in understanding social structures and cultural processes and how the application of knowledge can result in solutions to the health and wellbeing of populations, this is the major for you.

You’ll study a variety of areas such as gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social change, social policy and justice, health and food, and popular culture, and understand the impact they can have on the health of the community.


With such broad skills, you might forge a career in an area with focused interests in social and cultural issues – working in the public or private sector. You could work in:

  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Charitable organisations
  • Corrections & Criminal Justice
  • Education and Research
  • Federal, State and Local governments
  • Health and Welfare
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Policy and Advisory