The University of Newcastle, Australia

Global Health

The Global Health major focuses on study, research, and practice to improve health and achieve equity in health for all people worldwide. If you’re passionate about solving global health challenges such as HIV, ebola, dengue, and antimicrobial resistance this major is for you.

You will develop skills and knowledge to improve health and reduce inequities for populations worldwide.

Your studies will focus on health problems that transcend national borders and have a global political and economic impact.


You could go on to work for a diverse number of organisations whose core business focuses on global health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, immigrant/refugee health, international aid, disaster response or human rights and international relations. Typical roles include:

  • Community Development Worker
  • Disaster Logistics Planner or Relief-Support Technician
  • Global Aid Worker
  • Global Health Policy Officer
  • Health Promoter