Studying music at the University of Newcastle gives you access to world-class facilities gaining inspiration from internationally acclaimed musicians.

Bachelor of Music

Why study with us?

Music at the University of Newcastle

If you've been performing or creating music, then studying a music degree at the University of Newcastle is an excellent way to continue your studies and prepare for a career as a professional musician or in a music-related field.

The Bachelor of Music allows you to refine your talent through high quality training, while also providing opportunities to develop the practical and creative skills you need to pursue a musical career at a professional standard.

The music degree is conducted over three years of full-time study or part-time equivalent, all of which is undertaken at the Conservatorium, located in the Civic Centre precinct of Newcastle.

Within this highly creative space, you will benefit from easy access to the most advanced music technology.

  • Our creative production laboratory offers 27 individual workstations each equipped with Apple computers, Didgidesign MBox, Roland MIDI keyboards and headphones.
  • The music program also boasts state-of-the-art recording studios and the Harold Lobb Concert Hall which is widely regarded as one of the finest acoustic venues in Australia.

When you study music at the University of Newcastle you will have the opportunity to attend concerts by a range of world class musicians who regularly visit the Conservatorium to enlighten and collaborate with our wide music community.

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Learn from industry leaders

Our Music staff have national and international reputations in performance, creative work, scholarly research and teaching. They are creative artists, researchers and/or performers - and sometimes a combination of the three.

Combined degrees

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If you are interested in the Bachelor of Music, you can also look at combining this degree with the Bachelor of Arts. You will be able to complete two degrees in just four years, when studying full-time. To learn more about our combined degree program please visit the
Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Arts degree page.

What you will study