The University of Newcastle, Australia

Songwriting and Production Major

Please note this major is available from 2020 onwards.

Our Songwriting and Production Major provides students with the skills and concepts that are relevant to jobs in a wide range of music creation, production and sound design industries. Students will develop specialised technical skills in areas of studio recording, electronic music production, music for games and VR, and sound design for interactive media.

Students will undertake studies in a range of course areas including:

  • Audio Production
  • Songwriting
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Sound Recording
  • Interactive Music and Sound Design
    Music for Screens, Games and VR

What jobs can you get with a major in Songwriting and Production?

Bachelor of Music graduates majoring in Songwriting and Production may pursue careers in:

  • Music Production/Engineering
  • Electronic Music Producer
  • Songwriter
  • Screen and Game Music Designer
  • Sound Effects Designer/Foley Artist
  • Sound Technician

There are also entrepreneurial prospects for graduates to work in emerging fields of media production.

Suitable for music students with:

  • A desire to produce work for a diverse range of platforms
  • Goals to integrate their musical production skills with the latest technologies to provide experiences for audiences
  • A commitment to producing high quality performance of original works

Which degrees include a Songwriting and Production major?

You can study this major if you are undertaking one of the following degrees at the University of Newcastle: