The University of Newcastle, Australia

Music Performance Major

Please note this major is available from 2020 onwards.

The Music Performance Major offers music students a range of courses to develop specific professional skills in ensemble and solo performance, music theory, music direction, teaching and pedagogy. Music Performance Major students also have access to courses in studio recording and the music industry.

Students will undertake studies in a range of course areas including:

  • Instrumental and Vocal Performance
  • Collaborative Music Making
  • Teaching and Pedagogy
  • Harmony and Arranging
  • Music Direction and Techniques
  • Music Research Studies
  • Jazz, Funk, Fusion, and Popular Music Performance

What jobs can you get with a major in Music Performance?

Bachelor of Music graduates majoring in Music Performance may pursue careers as a:

  • Performing Artist
  • Session Musician
  • Private Music Studio Teacher
  • Voice or Vocal Coach
  • Musicologist
  • Music Director

There are also entrepreneurial prospects for graduates to work in emerging fields of media production.

Suitable for music students with:

  • A desire to develop professional performance skills
  • An ambition to pass on their skills in a range of teaching and learning environments
  • A commitment to producing high quality performance for a range of platforms

Which degrees include a Music Performance Major?

You can study this major if you are undertaking one of the following degrees at the University of Newcastle: