Gender and Sexuality Studies

Study Gender & Sexuality Studies at UON

Students who study a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies explores gender identity and sexuality across social, political, cultural, economic and scientific contexts. You will gain interdisciplinary perspectives as you examine and analyse how gender and sexuality intersect with social constructs, such as class, ethnicity, race, nationality and politics.

This minor draws on UON’s international reputation as a leader in equity and diversity, most strongly evident in the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education. This minor has been designed so that your studies are underpinned by both interdisciplinary experiences and research-led learning.

What jobs can you get with a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies?

Strong knowledge of this study area will further develop key analytical and critical thinking skills. Your minor and courses in gender studies can be applied to careers across many diverse industries given implications to contemporary social, political, cultural and economic issues:

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Government
  • Policy development
  • Research
  • Social work

Gender and Sexuality Studies at UON is a breakthrough interdisciplinary study area that is embedded in the research strengths and clusters in The Centre for 21st Century Humanities:

Suitable for Global Indigenous Studies students with?

  • An interest in the social and cultural representation of gender and sexuality.
  • Goals to develop knowledge related to the construction of gender and sexuality, in order to apply their studies to diverse career roles.
  • A commitment to decoding gender and sexuality as constructed concepts which define aspects of human social life.

What do you learn in a Gender & Sexuality Studies minor?

Drawing upon courses in English and History, study a major in Gender and Sexuality to learn about social and cultural representation of these constructs:

  • Australian Popular Culture: Students who enrol in this course will learn how to analyse constructions of national identity in Australian popular culture. Film, television, literature and other media will be used to uncover how Australia represents “Australians” through a variety of social lenses. One of those considered will be gender.
  • Women’s History: Gendered representations are a product of their historical context, and this course will introduce students to historical constructions of femininity. You will study how women wrote about their lived experiences, and the historical constructions which shaped later views of women.
  • Gender and Sexuality in Australia: Courses in this area consider the intersection of race, gender and class in Australia. Of particular interest is the study of the relationship between Australia’s Aboriginal people and European colonists.

Which degrees include a Gender & Sexuality Studies minor?

You can study a major in Gender and Sexuality Studies as part of a Bachelor of Arts or any associated degree program:

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