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Human Resource Management

Study Human Resource Management at UON

The Human Resource Management major considers employees as an organisation’s most important assets. Studies in human resource management will provide students with the broad-ranging skills and knowledge needed to respond to an ever-changing and dynamic business environment.

This major is suited to a range of business-related interests, including management, employee relations, training, advocacy, diversity management and equal opportunity. The human resource management major will equip you with the skills needed to positively influence business, unions, government and non-profit organisations in Australia and overseas.

What jobs can you get with a major in Human Resource Management?

The Human Resource Management major will equip you with a range of skills for further studies or future employment in a range of sectors including:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Industrial Relations Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Workforce Consultant
  • Organisational Development Manager

Suitable for Global Indigenous Studies students with?

  • An interest in employees as a valuable resource, and how people contribute to organisations through their work.
  • Goals to enhance their understanding of employment relationships, and learn how to manage the dialogue between employers, employees and relevant associations.
  • A commitment to fostering diversity in the workplace through the creation and implementation of innovative equity strategies.

What do you learn in a Human Resource Management major?

This major contains a variety of courses to focus your studies around the people who work within organisation:

  • Employment Relationships: Through courses in human resources you will learn how to manage relationships between employees, employers and industrial associations.
  • Measuring Performance: Our courses will prepare you to measure the performance of employees against directed benchmarks, to assess when an intervention is needed, and how to determine the appropriate course of action.
  • Diversity and Management: Your degree will expose you to a wide variety of diversity management strategies. You will learn how to analyse workforce diversity and why federal and state authorities regulate it. Finally you will learn to design and implement your own strategies to handle equity issues within organisations.

Which degrees include a Human Resource Management major?

You can study this major if you are undertaking one of the following degrees at UON: