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Governance, Policy and Political Economy

Study Governance, Policy & Political Economy at UON

Globalisation has revolutionised the face of business and the parameters within which it is conducted. A major in Governance, Policy and Political Economy prepares graduates of tomorrow with the skills and knowledge to manage the complex challenges of a globalised economy.

Students will learn about the broader political environment, and how to understand business activity at both a national and international level, where all business activity is inevitably located.

As part of the Bachelor of Global Indigenous Studies, this major focuses on challenges around policy and governance, examining how society and organisations respond to these challenges to effectively improve the state of society and specific organisations.

What jobs can you get with a major in Governance, Policy & Economy?

Studying a Governance, Policy and Economy major as part of your degree will prepare you for careers in a wide range of government and non-government sectors, where specific skills in understanding political activity at a national and international level are sought.

Suitable for Global Indigenous Studies students with?

  • An interest in the interaction between governmental authorities and businesses.
  • Goals to deepen their understanding of micro and macro business activity in order to increase their employability overseas.
  • A commitment to improving global business practices through innovative strategies and projects.

What do you learn in a Governance, Policy & Economy major?

This major contains a variety of courses to help you learn about global business and the systems that interact with business activity.

  • Policy: Through courses in politics you’ll learn about how policy is debated, drafted and implemented, as well as the implications of policy for global business.
  • Government: We offer a range of courses in systems of politics and how governments operate. You will consider the meaning of power and how the state exercises its authority in the business sector through policy.
  • Political Economy: Some of your business and politics courses will focus on the economy as a system, and its relationship to law, customs and government.

Which degrees include a Governance, Policy & Economy major?

You can study this major if you are undertaking one of the following degrees at UON: