Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Transfer Program)


Dominic ShillingtonDominic Shillington

Our industry scholarship scheme plays an important role in the University's hands-on approach to learning. Dominic Shillington, a civil engineering student, recently travelled to the Middle East to work with Newcastle firm JML Engineered Facades on Dubai's international airport.

"The UNISS program has given me the opportunity to experience the world of engineering before even graduating. My sponsor company sent me for three months to work on the construction of the Dubai international airport. It was an amazing experience, not only did I get to apply what I've learnt in lectures to real engineering problems,  but I also learned what it's like to live with one of the biggest construction projects in the world and experience Middle-Eastern culture.

"I've found that working between university semesters gives meaning to the theory I learn. I would encourage anyone interested in engineering to apply for UNISS scholarship."

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