Ancient History

Study Ancient History teaching for secondary education

Studying Ancient History will satisfy your fascination and interest in the stories of the past, as well as the mysteries of human behaviour1.

Ancient History is a field of study which focuses on the societies and cultures of civilisations before 476 CE. Given the recent popularity of film, television and novels dealing with the Ancient World, it’s no surprise this is one of the most popular courses in the HSC.

When you study Ancient History as your teaching area within the Bachelor of Education (Secondary), your degree will have two priority areas of study: specialising in Ancient History as one of your core teaching areas, and applying what you learn to your education courses. You will learn to communicate about the Ancient World clearly and passionately to inspire High School students to engage with their study.

At UON, our Ancient History courses focus upon Greek and Roman civilisation. Students will learn about Greek and Roman mythology, society, politics, religion and archaeology. Through your study of the Ancient World you will gain a deep appreciation of historical concepts. You’ll also develop the ability and confidence to apply your knowledge to gain a better understanding of past, present and future realities.

What jobs can you get with a teaching area in Ancient History?

Your knowledge and expertise of Ancient History will open your mind to a variety of perspectives, ensuring you develop lasting in-demand job skills such as analysis, problem solving and critical thinking. These are skills essential to becoming a qualified and competent educator in secondary schools.

Studying Ancient History and secondary education has led our graduates to careers in:

  • High school teaching
  • Educational policy development
  • Research and analysis

Aspiring teachers will also enhance employment prospects with an additional teaching area. Visit our Bachelor of Arts - Ancient History major page for more information.

Suitable for education and teaching students with:

  • An interest in understanding how people lived in ancient civilisations, particularly in Ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Goals to teach Ancient History in secondary schools.
  • A commitment to communicating about the Ancient World in a passionate, sensitive and informative way.

What do you learn in an Ancient History teaching area?

Our teaching area is designed to prepare students to teach the Ancient History HSC course, and related topics in Junior HSIE classes. We offer courses in:

  • Ancient Greek Civilisation: In first year you will focus on the history of Greece from the Bronze Age to the Persian Wars. As you progress you will learn about core periods and personalities offered for study as units in the HSC Ancient History course. Study options include Athenian and Spartan society, Alexander the Great, Greek archaeology and mythology.
  • Ancient Roman Civilisation: You will be able to study Roman civilisation from the founding of the city in 753 BCE to the fall of the Western Empire in 476 CE. Students will be able to take a variety of courses in the history and archaeology of both the Republican and Imperial periods. Teaching students will find this study beneficial, given the popularity of the Roman Republic, Pompeii and Julius Caesar as topics in the HSC.

Which degrees include this teaching area?

The Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and any associated degree program allows you to study a teaching area in Ancient History:

1Ancient History, NSW Education Standards Authority (formerly Board of Studies NSW)

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