The University of Newcastle, Australia

Architecture studio elective

This course provides students with an understanding of real-world design problems through an immersive architectural experience while developing students’ skills in architectural design within diverse cultural contexts, architectural research and architectural communication.

Within this course are several ‘streams’ that the students elect to be part of through a ballot at the start of each calendar year. The ‘streams’ are intensively run over a two week period at different times of the year (usually outside of semester teaching time), and include a subsequent public exhibition. Around 12 stream topics are offered each year, with previous offerings including:

  • travel to Nepal with Health Habitat
  • travel to Alice Springs town camps with Tangentyere Design
  • travel to Denmark with Aarhus School of Architecture
  • other projects in China, Japan, Sydney and Newcastle


The following are available to the Bachelor of Design Architecture, Bachelor of Construction Management, Bachelor of Visual Communication, Bachelor of Industrial Design (pre 2019), and the Bachelor of Creative Industries:

The following are available to all of the degrees above PLUS the Master of Architecture (MOA):

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