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Writing and Publishing Major

Study a major in Writing and Publishing for Creative Industries at UON

Studying the Writing and Publishing major in the Bachelor of Creative Industries provides the opportunity for you to develop your skills in written communication, which are highly valued and hugely important in the contemporary world.

You can choose to study a range of courses in the practice of both creative and professional writing:

  • Fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Feature Writing
  • Poetry
  • Principles of editing and publishing
  • Professional writing

What jobs can you get with a major in writing and publishing?

Studying a major in Writing and Publishing will prepare you to apply your writing skills to projects in a variety of media and publishing roles. No matter your interests, our courses will develop your skills to prepare you for careers involving writing. Your major will prepare you to work in career field such as:

  • Journalism
  • Screenwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Editing and Publishing
  • Business
  • Education

The core focus of this major is for you to learn about writing, how to write and more about the craft, and to take that knowledge into your desired career pathway.

Suitable for arts and communications students with:

  • An interest in learning more about the history of writing, literature, and publishing.
  • Goals to develop their writing skills for application to work in fields utilising the craft.
  • A commitment to learning about the writing and publishing industry so that they can be best positioned to navigate this exciting field.

What do you learn in a writing and publishing major?

If you choose to major in writing and publishing, you will learn how to write in a variety of genres and forms. You will study courses in:

  • Professional Writing: Efficient writing skills are an asset to any career role. In your first year you will study courses to learn how to write professionally. The skills you'll develop are applicable to a variety of fields including business, law, accounting and education.
  • English, Writing and Literature: Students will have the opportunity to study advanced courses in English, writing and publishing. You’ll learn about contemporary issues and debates in literary studies, as well as exploring writing theory and practice.
  • Creative Writing: From second year you’ll can study specialist courses in a variety of writing genres and forms. Students can choose their courses based on interests and career goals, with choices including feature writing, creative non-fiction, short fiction, drama and screenwriting.

Workshop your own writing

If you study creative writing, you will have the opportunity to workshop your own writing.

This helps you gain insight into reader reactions to your work, developing your critical and analytic skills through reading and discussing the work of others.

Through your study in the program core courses, you will also learn how to locate your writing professionally and identify audiences and contexts.

Creative project

The Bachelor of Creative Industries degree has a strong vocational focus and in your third year, you will undertake a major creative project. As a Writing and Publishing student, you may choose to focus your final project on the rewarding experience of bringing a writing project to publication.

For details on courses and program structure, please refer to the Bachelor of Creative Industries handbook.

Which degrees include this major?

The Bachelor of Creative Industries and any associated degree program allow you to study a major in writing and publishing:

Bachelor of Creative Industries
Bachelor of Creative Industries/Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship