Students undertaking a public relations major will study writing, developing multimedia publications, public affairs, public relations writing

Bachelor of Communication

Public relations

Why study a public relations major at the University of Newcastle 

Our public relations major provides students with the skills required in the profession and practice of public relations, which assists organisations in establishing and maintaining communication and cooperation with stakeholder groups.

Students will undertake studies in professional writing, public relations practice, developing multimedia publications, public affairs, public relations writing, public relations strategy and public relations campaigns.

Bachelor of Communication graduates majoring in PR may seek employment in the field of public relations or pursue related careers in event management, promotion, advertising, marketing and policy development in both public and private sectors. Public relations graduates have the opportunity to develop in-depth expertise that is often recognised by above-average salaries.

Students who complete the Bachelor of Communication with the Public Relations major from 2012 will graduate with a degree accredited by PRIA.