The University of Newcastle, Australia

Tourism Major

A major in tourism management prepares business students for an exciting career in the fast growing global tourism industry. The tourism industry is booming, with more opportunities for entrepreneurial and business activity than ever.

This major examines the complexity of contemporary tourism in Australia and internationally, and emphasises the importance of sustainable tourism development for long-term economic, environmental, and sociocultural viability.

Teaching and learning in tourism courses is research-informed and industry-relevant, providing you with the knowledge and skills required of a tourism graduate in a rapidly changing and evolving industry.

Throughout the tourism management major, your learning is enhanced through engagement with case studies of tourism organisations and destinations, industry guest lectures and field trips, as well as work placement relevant learning and assessment activities.

Suitable for business students with:

  • An interest in learning how visitors engage with activities, sites and events aimed at the tourist market.
  • Goals to work in tourism management overseas or in multinational travel organisations.
  • A commitment to studying the cultural heritage and the role tourism plays in transmitting knowledge about history, culture and religion.

What do you learn in the tourism major?

This business major contains a variety of courses to help you learn about how business is conducted within the tourism sector.

  • Tourism Management: Business students will study courses in tourism management and learn how to organise, manage and market events, activities and sites aimed at tourists.
  • Tourism, Leisure and Engagement: Our tourism courses will teach you about visitor engagement, and how tourists choose between activities on offer.
  • Cultural Heritage: You will study cultural heritage, and the educational role of culturally, politically and historically significant sites.

Which degrees include this major?

The Bachelor of Business and any associated degree program allow you to study a Tourism major: