The University of Newcastle, Australia

Sports Management Major

The Hunter Region is a hub for a burgeoning community-based and professional sports service industry that operates at regional, national and international levels. As a result of our location within this region, our programs are best positioned to offer worthwhile opportunities to learn about business activity in the sports industry.

The sports management major provides students exposure to many disciplines across the University including Business, Architecture and Built Environment, Education, and Health Sciences.

You will graduate your Bachelor of Business degree with a unique skill set that will allow you to work across all facets of the sporting industry. Areas in which you can work include sports administration, sponsorship and marketing, player management and community development.

Suitable for business students with:

  • An interest in working in the sporting industry in the areas of business and events management.
  • Goals to understand the complex nature of leisure behaviour and how visitors engage with sporting events.
  • A commitment to studying the challenges faced by sports managers in various organisational contexts, and developing strategies to mitigate them.

What do you learn in the sports management major?

This business major contains a variety of courses to help you learn the skills to manage sporting events and work within the sporting business sector.

  • Sporting Events Management: Through courses in events management you will learn how to organise and execute events in the sporting industry. You will also consider the significance of leisure, tourism and sport in contemporary society.
  • Leadership In Sport: Our business courses will prepare you for managerial roles in the sporting industry by enhancing your understanding of the role a manager plays in sporting events.
  • The Sporting Business: You will be exposed to all aspects of the sporting business from events management, sponsorship, and the visitor psychology.

Which degrees include this major?

The Bachelor of Business and any associated degree program allow you to study a major in Sports Management: