Film, Media and Cultural Studies

A major in film, media and cultural studies provides students with an understanding of the role different forms of media plays in contemporary society. Square eyes and film buffs will no doubt be drawn to the idea of devoting study to their favourite leisure activity. In the Film, Media and Cultural Studies major you will learn about our culture and key questions concerning media and communication in an era of rapid technological change."

You will look at the production and circulation of a wide range of cultural forms from classic Hollywood cinema to your own blogs and tweets. You will consider the institutions and practices that shape these cultural forms and explore topics ranging across:

These topics offer opportunities to contextualise and theorise your own experiences as both consumers and producers of popular culture which is the culture of the 'now'.

You will learn how to develop and complete projects and have the opportunity to build high-level skills in information and digital literacy, as well as acquiring important transferable personal and professional skills:

Our academic staff are active researchers in contemporary film and cultural studies, with particular strengths in film theory, television, gender and the media, popular culture, the internet and new media technologies.

As an interdisciplinary major, the course complements other media and sociology courses, as well as courses offered in creative and performing arts, leisure and tourism, marketing, and IT.

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Blake Howard Meet Blake Howard - one of our student achievers who has studied a major in Film, Media and Cultural Studies. Before university, Blake had not entertained the idea that his love of movies could possibly turn into a viable career option.

After completing his degree majoring in Film, Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Newcastle, the notion has become more grounded in reality. READ MORE

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