An ancient history and classical languages major includes the study of ancient societies whilst arming students with valuable analysis and expression skills.

Bachelor of Arts

Ancient History and Classical Languages

Ancient History and Classical Languages

This fascinating major gives you the option to specialise in:

  • Ancient History
  • Classical Languages: Greek and Latin
  • Or, a combination of the classics.


If you choose to concentrate on ancient history, you will focus on a range of courses dealing with ancient societies, primarily Greek and Roman, their culture, archaeology and history.

You will develop highly desirable skills in analysis and expression, which are sought after in careers such as law, journalism, publishing, teaching and policy development.

Ancient History pictureStudy ancient histor and gain a deep appreciation of historical concepts and their relevance to modern society. You will learn from scholars such as Senior Lecturer Marguerite Johnson who suggests:

''We have inherited the debt of past civilisations - the good and the bad. History teaches us to be better people because we can learn from our mistakes. It's all about gaining a sense of history and our place in it.'


The University of Newcastle belongs to a privileged group of universities that have retained classical languages in their teachings.

Here at the University of Newcastle, you can study aspects of Latin or Greek or both. You will gain a grammatical and practical understanding of the ancient languages, but also an understanding of key cultural and historical concepts and issues.

In studying classical languages you will develop an appreciation of modern English, just as you will better understand modern society when examining ancient civilisations with a focus on learning ancient Greek and ancient Latin.

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Graduate Profile - Kristin Heineman

American exchange student, Kristin Heineman, enjoyed her year at the University of Newcastle so much she decided to return to the university to further her studies and complete a PhD.

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Marguerite Johnson

Graduate Profile - Dr Marguerite Johnson

There's a sticker on Dr Marguerite Johnson's door that reads: "WARNING: Addicted to Greek Mythology." Step inside her office and there is no doubting its validity. This student who became a teacher has transitioned into an internationally renowned scholar.

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Leanne Glass

Student Achiever - Leanne Glass

After deciding to consider Open Foundation as a pathway to university, Leanne gave up her role as a shop assistant and took on a journey of English Literature and classical studies. She has since completed her Honours (Class 1) and is currently in her final stages of a PhD.

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