Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal Studies

A major in Aboriginal studies explores Indigenous experiences and perspectives, with a focus on history, society, leadership, behaviours, beliefs and related issues. In the process, the major aims to increase Indigenous students' pride and confidence in identity and culture.Major Aboriginal Studies

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An Aboriginal studies major will prepare you for a career in a wide range of government and non-government sectors, where specific skills in cross-cultural awareness is sought.

Other career paths lead to Aboriginal institutions concerned with land councils, medical services, legal services, cooperatives and housing companies.

Within this sector there are a number of positions which are Indigenous identified. There are also many positions within government and non-government sectors that may not be directly focused on Indigenous affairs but require the types of transferable skills (such as oral, written and interpersonal communication skills) that are fostered in an Aboriginal studies major. If you choose to do postgraduate study, the Aboriginal studies major also opens up a variety of opportunities in areas such as business, education, health and law.


Meet our student achievers who have studied a major in Aboriginal Studies

Kathleen Jackson

Graduate Profile - Kathleen Jackson

For Indigenous student Kathleen Jackson, Harvard was once the stuff of myth and movies. Now it is simply the place where she continues her studies after completing the Yapug Foundational Studies program at Newcastle in 2008 and then a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Aboriginal Studies and History.

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