Pharmaceutical/Clinical Specialist Sales Representative


These roles are specialists sales positions that focus on the promotion and sales of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment to medical professionals, hospitals and researchers. This may involve helping launch new drugs, providing instructions and advice on laboratory equipment, and maintaining relationships with buyers. They may also fulfil a consultative sales role that involves liaising with health professionals and making educated recommendations about therapeutic drugs and equipment. A Pharmaceutical Representative may:

  • Develop relationships with doctors, pharmacists, hospitals and research groups within the assigned territory to maximise sales growth and market share by visiting clients regularly, utilising comprehensive product knowledge and sales skills
  • Organise and deliver presentations to doctors to inform them of the properties of particular drugs, such as drug functions, benefits and side-effects
  • Participate in internal development, attend training sessions and sales meetings and keep up to date with technical developments within the industry
  • Monitor market information within the territory and report information to management, contributing to the development of an overall sales strategy for the organisation
  • Manage a budget, analyse sales data to monitor performance and work collaboratively with other sales and administrative staff.

Pharmaceutical/Clinical Specialist Sales Representatives may specialise in products or equipment in one health specialisation (eg renal) and may work with specialist practitioners and researchers. Alternatively, they may sell a range of products and provide services to GPs or specialists.

Sectors and industries

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives work in the pharmaceuticals industry which consists of originator and generic medicines manufacturers, biotechnology businesses, bio-medical research organisations, as well as wholesaling and distribution organisations.

For information about the Australian pharmaceutical industry, see the Department of Industry and Science web site.


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Personal Qualities

Comprehensive product knowledge is of paramount importance for Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives. A strong understanding of the science that underpins the products is a requirement. The necessity to establish and maintain relationships with clients and explain clearly the technical characteristics of products requires effective interpersonal and communication skills; the abilities to listen, negotiate and persuade; excellent personal presentation; and patience. The highly competitive nature of the industry means that Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives must be creative, goal-driven, highly organised, self-motivated and capable of working under pressure to meet deadlines and targets.

Entry Requirements

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives generally require a degree in science or healthcare disciplines (such as nursing or paramedics) for entry level positions. More senior roles also require extensive pharmaceutical sales experience. A background in science with practical laboratory experience may lead to a consultative sales role.