Teach In

Teach In presented at the 2020 Virtual Education Careers Expo.

Due to technical difficulties, unfortunately we are unable to share the recording from this presentation. However, you can view the presentation slides here.

Who are Teach In?

Teach In are leaders in the field of education recruitment. The Teach In mission is to play a part in the improvement of the education system by way of furthering the careers of teachers and teaching assistants through training, development and recruitment and improving school staffing through individual and creative recruitment solutions.

What will be discussed?

The presentation will provide a short overview of international teaching opportunities for new graduates in structured programs with assigned mentors. Interviews happen in Australia with visiting Principals and start dates will be based on what happens with COVID-19 but interviews can occur up to a year in advance of leaving Australia.

Who is this for?

Final year Education students.

Teach in website

Video: Introduction to Teach In