Start a club

There are lots of clubs you can join on campus, but if you can’t find the club of your dreams this is a great opportunity to start a new group.

It essential you involve the Student Engagement Team from the outset – we can help you through the various steps to make your idea a reality. We will help you with your Registration, take you through your affiliation options and outline the support available.

Clubs and societies can choose to either register with Student Central OR affiliate with one of the Student Associations (NUSA or NUPSA). Sporting clubs must affiliate with NUsport and clubs located at Ourimbah should affiliate with Yourimbah. Groups located at Port Macquarie and Sydney should check with your Campus Life Assistant.

Start a club in ten easy steps

1. Research your club and notify us

Make sure the club of your dreams doesn't exist at the University of Newcastle (there are over 100 already) and let us know you're going to try to start a club by emailing us at so we can help you through the process

2. Gauge student interest for your club

You need at least 10 members. 80% of the membership needs to be current University of Newcastle students and all executive positions must be filled by current students too (with the exception of NUsport registered clubs).

3. Choose who to register with

Next decide if you wish to register with Student Central or affiliate with a Student Association. There may be extra resources available through Associations so you should contact them for more information.

Some information in the steps below relates specifically to registering with Student Central. If affiliating with a Student Association, your club/society will need to meet their affiliation requirements. Contact them for more details.

4. Draft your constitution

Your constitution sets out all the rules for membership, liability, executive committee responsibilities and the aims and objectives of your club.  Once you have these details insert them into the constitution template, along with any other additions relevant to your group.  Please highlight your changes and send the document to so we confirm they are clear and appropriate.

If you already have a Constitution that’s fine - send it through and we’ll make sure it's appropriate for a student club.

5. Plan an AGM or IGM

Plan your first Annual General Meeting (AGM), also called an IGM (Inaugural General Meeting). We can help you book a University space to hold your IGM.

Before the meeting:

  • Send out invitations for the IGM at least two weeks in advance to give all members plenty of notice – you want big attendance.
  • You may want to consider catering the meeting as free food will boost the attendance and it is a great way to socialise after the meeting.
  • Make sure you write an agenda for the meeting and take a sign-in sheet for you members to record their attendance. All meetings must reach quorum (your Constitution will define how many people that is) to make sure voting is legitimate.

At the IGM, through democratic vote, you will:

  • Decide the name for your club.
  • Agree to the aims and objectives of your club.
  • Elect an Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and any other relevant Office Bearers.
  • Adopt a Constitution. Remember the Student Engagement Team must approve the Constitution before your IGM/AGM.
  • Decide on an annual membership fee (minimum $1).
  • Decide which members of the Executive Committee will be the signatories for the bank account. One of these must be the Treasurer.
  • Discuss the club's events and activities for the year. You will need this plan to work out your budget – the Student Engagement Team can help you.

Minutes must be taken during the meeting.

6. Complete your governance training

Complete the online governance training course Generation Governance - it provides detail on the roles of executive positions, how to run a meeting, and planning your budget and events.

7. Set up your bank account

If you're located at Callaghan we recommend using one of the on-campus banks, but this is your choice. You MUST have multiple members of your Executive as signatories and one of these must be the Treasurer.

8. Register your club

Now you need to either register with Student Central or affiliate with NUSA, NUPSA or Yourimbah. You will need your Constitution and AGM/IGM minutes ready to upload.

9. Wait for approval

Once your application is received, we will review it and let you know the outcome. Our decision is based on the following criteria:

  • If your club is democratically run;
  • no other club like yours already exists at the University of Newcastle;
  • aims and objectives benefit our student experience; and,
  • funds are set out to be used to benefit all the members equally.

10. Plan your activities

Come in and meet with the Student Engagement Team and head over to our tip sheets for running an event to find out about all the support that we can offer you and your new executives. Make sure you read through all your options to help your new club (or society) succeed!

Email us on for more information – we are always happy to help!

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