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Professional Life

You're probably at Uni because you have a certain career in mind and that's where UON Careers and Student Development comes in really handy. But we offer so much more than just graduate career advice. We can help you with your professional development at any stage of your student life – from helping with part-time work to resume checking beyond. Get to know us and give your professional self the very best chance.

The University of Newcastle's International Leadership Experience and Development (iLEAD) Plus Program is an extra-curricular Leadership Program that enables you to participate in additional activities that have benefits for your professional development on top of your regular program studies.

If you have to support yourself – or just need a little extra spending money – a part-time job might be exactly what you need. CareerHub is an amazing resource – not only for your future, but for right now as it contains job listings for positions including part-time work. Talk to Careers and Student Development as well – they're there to support you.