Pre-study requirements

All students at UON are required to complete two important compulsory online modules in their first term of study. These modules are the Academic Integrity Module (AIM) and the Consent Matters Module (CMM).

To help reduce plagiarism and academic fraud and to uphold academic integrity, new students must complete an Academic Integrity Module before the end of their first enrolment period (semester, trimester or block).

How to complete the Module

You'll receive an email advising that you need to complete the module. The module is a 30 minute online test completed in UoNline.

You need to gain a score of 100 per cent to pass, and you can repeat the module as many times as you need to achieve this mark. Once you have successfully completed the module, this will be automatically recorded against your details in myHub.

If you don't complete the module within the timeframe, you'll be unable to re-enrol in courses, view exam results, grades and transcripts, or graduate.

Academic fraud

This is a form of academic dishonesty and occurs when a person makes a false representation to gain an unfair advantage. See the Student Academic Integrity Policy for more details.


This is presenting another person's ideas or works as your own. You are not permitted to plagiarise any material while completing your studies at UoN.  Material includes written works, data, images, formulae, music, websites and computer programs. See the Student Academic Integrity Policy for more details.

Read more about academic integrity at UON.

This course is designed to help you understand how to seek consent, how to recognise it and how to identify situations where it can’t be given. It covers the areas of sexual consent, communication and relationships, and bystander intervention. It was added as a compulsory component on the request of the student body.  Using interactive activities, and character scenarios you can relate to, it walks you through the importance of good communication, clear boundaries and mutual respect. You will learn how to recognise difficult situations and possible ways of stepping in if others need help.

Read more about Consent Matters at UON.

To access the course you will need to enrol through your UONline account.  To do this simply follow the steps below.

  1. Login to UONline
  2. Go to the 'Blackboard' tab
  3. Go to 'Previous Sites' tab (2nd tab along the top) and enter ‘Consent Matters' into 'Search Other Sites'
  4. Below the Organisation ID, there is a grey drop-down arrow. Click on the arrow and select 'Enrol' followed by 'Submit'
  5. The Consent Matters course should now be available in your 'My Other Sites’.