Study Abroad and Exchange


Online enrolment for Study Abroad and Exchange students opens on Friday 10 February, 2017. Simply follow the step by step guide below to makes sure you get successfully enrolled.

1. Plan Your Enrolment

If you are studying a Study Abroad or Exchange program at UON, you will need to select individual courses to compliment the studies you are undertaking at your home institution.

If you have not already selected the courses you wish to study, please refer to the Course Handbook to view a comprehensive list of the courses available at UON.

For help in selecting courses for your Study Abroad or Exchange program, please refer to the comprehensive guide.

If you already have your course selection approved by UON, your chosen course list will appear on your official Letter of Offer. You can proceed to step 2. Draft a Timetable.

2. Draft a Timetable

The Enrolment Information Booklet gives you a step-by-step guide on how to enrol, including preparing a draft timetable. Pages 6-10 of the booklet cover the information on preparing a draft timetable.

Our handy 'Prepare to Enrol' video is another great starting point when you're getting ready to enrol.

3. Enrol

Online course enrolment opens on Friday 10 February, 2017. Once you have read the Enrolment Information booklet and prepared a draft timetable, you are ready to enrol. The How To Enrol video will take you through the steps you need to follow.

4. Need More Help?

If you've follow the steps above and are still not sure about your enrolment, Student Central is here to help.