S - Z

Semester: a semester, also referred to as a ‘term’, is a teaching period of 12-13 weeks. There are two semesters per year.

Seminar: A seminar is an interactive class using discussion-based learning activities and is normally longer than a tutorial.

Specialisation: is a combination of related courses within a postgraduate degree which provides an area of focus within a program. Depending on the program you are enrolled in, you may be able to have two specialisations, or only the one. Some programs do not include an option to complete a specialisation. You should check your Program Handbook to confirm. For example, a Master of Educational Studies with a specialisation in Educational Research, or a Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability with a specialisation in Natural Systems Management.

SSAF: The Student Services and Amenities Fee. Every student is required to pay the fee that goes towards funding non-academic campus services and amenities.

Student Advisor: Student Advisors are located at Student Central on campus. They can answer your questions and help you access the support that is available at UON. They can work with you to create an individualised plan aimed to help you to succeed in your studies. Student Advisors can also provide direction on your enrolment pattern and progression. Pop into Student Central to make an appointment or go to AskUON for more info.

Student Card: An identification card you will use for university systems like borrowing books from the Library, registering your attendance at events, and getting student entry and discounts. You can get your card at Student Central at any campus. You can fast-track your student card by uploading your photo.

Term: means a specified teaching period for example, Semester, Trimester, Summer School.

Trimester: a trimester, also referred to as a ‘term’ is a teaching period of 12 weeks. There are three trimesters per year.

Tuition costs: the cost per course to deliver courses to students. Students in Commonwealth supported places pay part of their tuition costs. Students in fee-paying places pay all of their tuition costs.

Turnitin: The online program where you will submit your assignments electronically. Turnitin’s software uses text-matching to help you reference correctly and avoid academic misconduct.

Tute/tutorial: A small class.

Tutor: A tutor runs the course’s tutorials, seminars and workshops in a smaller classroom setting. Your tutor may also deliver the lectures.

Unit: this is the credit value of the course. Most courses are worth 10 units.

UON: means the University of Newcastle.

UONline: An online portal where you will find Blackboard, Turnitin, Gradebook and Echo 360.

Vaccination Card: any student who needs to enter a public health facility for a placement, research, or any other purpose is required to maintain a vaccination card as proof of the currency of their vaccinations.

Workshop: A hands-on, practical form of tutorial.