Researching your chosen career

It is important to research where you want to go in your career. You can start by researching career options, industry information and relevant employers. You could also talk to academic advisers, students or graduates who know about the areas you are interested in and ask them to be your career mentor.

Research will help you:

  • make informed career decisions
  • perform a refined job search with increased knowledge of the job market and where and when to market your skills
  • understand what you need to get where you want in your career.

Some questions that may help with your research are:

  • What careers do graduates from my degree/major undertake?
  • What does it mean to work in a particular occupation?
  • What qualifications, skills and experience are required and/or valued to work in a particular occupation?
  • What can I be doing during my degree so I am competitive for graduate roles?
  • How competitive is my field of interest?
  • What are the entry level roles?
  • Who recruits in my industry/career of interest?
  • What are the current trends and skills in demand?
  • What are the current salary levels?

Degrees to Careers is a great starting point for researching potential career paths. Degrees to Careers is an online tool that explores the links between study and career opportunities and includes career information such as required skills and experience, current labour market information and companies and organisations that recruit particular graduates.

Once you have the answers to some of your questions, you can turn the answers into plans. For example, you find your field of interest is competitive, you need some experience as well as your qualification, and need to demonstrate strengths in a number of skills. Now you are in a position to determine the types of experiences you might gain together with when and how.

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