Newstep Career Journey

Newstep Career Journey 

Participate in the Newstep Career Journey to work out what you want to do.

The Newstep Career Journey sits alongside your Newstep program. It combines a number of activities/events organised by English Language and Foundation Studies (ELFS) and the Careers Service to benefit your studies in Newstep and your move into undergraduate study.

The Newstep Career Journey provides you with the skills to manage your career development and understand the important steps in your personal career journey including:

  • Being able to identify ambitions, motivations, skills and interests as they affect your career plans.
  • Knowing how to research opportunities.
  • Looking at personal factors to make sound career and study plans.

On completion of the Newstep Career Journey you will be able to:

  1. Recognise and understand the links between events provided by ELFS and Careers and their importance in your personal career journey.
  2. Understand the link between academic learning, employability skills, interests and career goals.
  3. Start to develop and implement your own career plans as part of your university career journey.

To successfully complete the Journey, you need to complete a minimum of 7 career management tasks from the following:

  • Orientation
  • Prepare for Uni module
  • 1st semester Forum and BBQ
  • Career workshop
  • Mid-Year Orientation
  • UAC information session
  • Appointment with a Careers Counsellor
  • 2nd semester Forum and BBQ
  • Transition to University forum
  • Vacation and Volunteer Expo or Employer Information Session

When you successfully complete the Newstep Career Journey you will receive a completion certificate. This certificate will acknowledge the mastery of key career management competencies, such as career decision making, and can be used in your career portfolio to show participation in extra curricula activities.

  • You must register in the online portal to participate in the Journey
  • To complete the Journey, you must participate in and successfully finish a minimum of 7 career management tasks from the list (listed above and outlined on Blackboard)
  • You must complete these 7 career management tasks while enrolled in your Newstep program.
  • You should present your student ID card at events/activities so participation can be automatically registered in the CareerHub portal.

Register for the Newstep Career Journey: Go to Career Advice in your Blackboard site..

Need more information? Contact Us:

Newcastle campus: Level 2, Student Services Centre, Callaghan, Newcastle
T: +61 2 4921 5588 l E:

Central Coast campus: Student Support Unit
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Initiated as part of a 2013 HEPPP grant, the Careers Service, in conjunction with ELFS, developed the Newstep Career Journey to assist students enrolled in the Newstep program gain the fundamental skills required to manage their Career Development. Using an incremental approach to the development of career skills and knowledge, the Newstep Career Journey allows students to undertake a range of activities designed to support the start of their career journey. That is, allowing them to develop tools to plan, act and reflect proactively in regards to their own career development.
Activities delivered as part of the Newstep Career Journey have been developed by ELFS and the Careers Service with the aim of allowing students to gain a clear understanding of:

  • the services provided by the two areas,
  • the importance of linking interests to studies and careers, and
  • how these work together to form  the start of their personal career journey.

The Newstep Career Journey has been designed in line with the University's Education Strategic Plan with the premise of providing skills and knowledge necessary for success at university. For more information about the Newstep Career Journey please see our pamphlet or contact the Careers Service (contact details provided under Program guidelines).