Finding your career path

There is more than just picking your degree to set you on your chosen career path.

While at university it helps to:

  • research the best subject, major and degree options for your career path
  • identify skills that you need for your career and look at ways you can get these
  • look at opportunities for work experience in your field.

For a successful and happy career you may find it useful to create a plan and consider how you can achieve your goals. Current students and alumni can always book an appointment with the Careers Service to discuss a career plan, but as a starting point it can be handy to explore the type of careers that are linked to your degree by visiting Degrees to Careers

Tips and career boosters
  • Get some part time work to build an understanding of the workplace and gain referees.
  • Draft a resume now and get it checked by the Careers Service so you have time to build and refine during your degree.
  • Make an appointment with the Careers Service to explore your career path, required skills and get advice on majors and subject selection.
  • Start interviewing family, friends and contacts to gather information about your career path.
  • Look at opportunities for you to network and build your contacts.
  • Attend one of the Careers Service workshops on job applications, interviews and looking for work.