Building on your degree

Employers do not employ degrees, they employ people who demonstrate a range of knowledge and skills and who possess relevant experience. Gaining experience in a range of activities while you study will help you discover your interests, demonstrate your strengths, and highlight your points of difference from other graduates.

This can be through:

Work Integrated Learning

Work experience

Finding experience that is relevant to your studies or career goal may enhance your employment prospects. Work experience can provide a link between your degree and the world of work.  Different types of experience include:

  • University placements/Work Integrated Learning (part of your studies)
  • vacation programs/internships
  • cadetships/traineeships
  • scholarships/student programs
  • part-time work
  • volunteer work

Some of these opportunities will be advertised while others might not. Read more about how to find these opportunities in the Finding Professional Experience information sheet on CareerHub.

Tips and Career Boosters
  • Check the different categories of jobs advertised on CareerHub.
  • Attend on-campus careers expos and other employer events.
  • If volunteering, become familiar with the Fair Work Act.
  • Attend a workshop on this topic or book an appointment to discuss strategies with the Careers Service.
  • Some students completing work experience may be covered by a number of insurance policies of the University.



Volunteering is a powerful way to discover your interests, develop skills and to demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm to a potential employer.

There is a range of volunteering opportunities for you to put your interests and skills into action and make a difference at university or in the wider community.

Read more in our volunteering information sheets on CareerHub.

Tips and Career Boosters

Professional associations

Professional associations

Joining a relevant professional association will help you to gain information and contacts that will help you in your career. It also looks good on your resume. There are some associations that you might not be able to join until after you have graduated, however there are many that take undergraduate members. Most are at a small cost.



You can get valuable leadership experience through our iLead and study overseas programs. This looks great on your resume and can give you an advantage over others in securing a position.