The Importance of Employability Skills

What is an employer looking for?

Employers look at much more than your academic transcript.  They are seeking students who are:

  • professional in their presentation and communication style
  • enthusiastic, interested, engaged
  • prepared to ask relevant and specific questions
  • skilled and have relevant experience
  • able to demonstrate their employability skills
  • going to be a good fit in their organisation

The Importance of Employability Skills

Employability skills are those essential workplace skills that demonstrate you will offer much more than your degree.  Employers look for these key skills and personal attributes as an indicator that you are work ready and will thrive in their organisation.  Employability skills are transferrable and can be taken from one work situation to another.

The University of Newcastle focuses on developing the following empolyability skills in our students by providing a range of experiences both inside and outside the classroom.  You might also be building these through existing life experiences and part-time work that is not directly related to your study.

Keep these employability skills in the front of your mind when you are talking to employers at the expo.  Be ready to highlight your skills and also ask employers what they value most highly.