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Study overseas

Studying overseas is an amazing opportunity to experience different cultures, meet new people and broaden both your education and worldview.

If you are experiencing itchy feet, UON offers a range of possibilities for you to satisfy your desire to travel while still advancing your studies.

From a two-week academic short course, through to an entire academic year spent studying abroad, you have a range of choices for life-changing and education-enhancing opportunities overseas – with financial aid often available.

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Study Abroad for a semester

You can head overseas for a semester or an entire academic year to study at one of UON’s partner institutions.
These partner institutions are located in over 25 countries on three different continents, so the world really is your oyster when deciding where you want to go.

While abroad, you will remain enrolled and paying fees at UON (rather than at the institute you visit), and will need to study a minimum of 30 units per semester, in classes that correspond to courses within your UON degree.

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Studying short courses overseas

Academic short courses are a great way to have an unforgettable overseas study experience if you can’t manage an entire semester away.

Generally taking place over a two or four-week period during the winter or summer break, it’s a great way to gain credits towards your degree at your choice of institutions all over the world.

There are two types of programs:

  • Agreement: where you continue to pay tuition to UON, rather than the course provider
  • Direct: where you pay fees and tuition directly to the course provider

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International faculty-led opportunities

Customised faculty-led programs are trips or placements organised by faculties and normally tied to a course code. These programs may be one week through to a semester in length, and are organised in conjunction with global education facilitators. Contact your faculty to find out what programs may be on offer.